What we do

OpenPointLtd_logoWe are an Ipswich based company offering quality Photographic and Agile Business Analysis services

Open Point Limited is an Agile consultancy and is a Lifetime member of the Agile Business Consortium. We offer Agile business analysis services and guidance on implementing Agile project and product delivery based on the tried and tested core of Agile Project Management as published by the Agile Business Consortium. We are flexible in our approach and work with our clients, to help them manage their projects in hybrid ways.

We apply systems thinking approaches to delivering the best for our customers in both business change projects and photographic assignments.

As practising business systems analysts and commercial photographers we apply our strategic and tactical thinking and methods to delivering what is required. There is a huge element of creative thinking required by a Business Analyst and it goes without saying that it is a major component in delivering quality photographic products.

Beginning with the end in mind is a mindset required by both the analyst and photographer as is seeing the big picture.

Ipswich Wet Dock by Owens

Kodak alaris have sponsored the extended series of Edgelands by Tom Owens of Open Point Ltd

Tom Owens holds an ARPS Distinction with the Royal Photographic Society

Open Point Ltd is a lifetime member of the Agile Business Consortium

Agile Business Consortium

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